September 30, 2011#

Feria Hábitat Valencia

Last week I was in Valencia for the annual design show of furniture and lighting.  My main reason for visiting was to see my design ‘Flamenco Shoe’ on display as part of the International Competition of Textile Design Ateval Awards’10.  I was selected as a finalist for the awards in January.

The most interesting part of the exhibition by far was the ‘Nude’ area www.nudegeneration.com, showcasing new and upcoming furniture and lighting designers.  I found it very enjoyable and inspiring looking around and chatting to these designers, the creativity and quality was very impressive.  I particularly liked the design ‘wirelight’ from Join Design www.joindesign.es.

September 7, 2011#

Quilt portrait

I’ve got the quilt up on the wall near my working area.  I made this for a course project, the brief was a self portrait containing atleast two other personal elements and a carefully chosen location. it measures 1m by 1m.  I’m really pleased with how it looks on the wall and really keen to make another one, any requests?!

September 1, 2011#



I finally found somewhere pretty to hang Almendros (almond trees) so I could take a few more photos.  This is a slightly different version to my final project, this time I quilted it before stretching over the frame.  It also has a lot more freehand machine embroidery and I haven’t filled the branches.


July 6, 2011#

It’s really hot here this summer in Granada, so it’s no wonder I’ve been creating some designs inspired by things to cool me down!  This is a design for a silk scarf for a design project at BETAfashion.com. You can view/vote for designs here http://www.betafashion.com/competitionratedesigns.aspx?compID=34

June 16, 2011#

Final Project

Wow, where does the time go?  I’ve been really busy these past weeks working on my final proyect for my Art Textile course.  This week it was finally finished and presented and I’m now oficially no longer a student!  I designed a series of textile panels for interiors based on the Almond tree. I still haven’t had chance to take many photos of the final piece, but here are some details to give you an idea!



April 19, 2011#


I finally finished the art quilt.  Nearly all the pieces are hand embroidered and appliqued so it took a lot longer than expected.  Now I can start on the next one…

March 20, 2011#

I printed this shoe fabric to be used as the background to the art quilt.  Despite a mistake with the screen positioning, I was quite happy with the result!

March 17, 2011#

Finished Tapestry!

Here are a couple of colourful and interesting shots from the back of the tapestry I finished yesterday.

There are some finishing touches to be done, but it’s a relief to have it finished after 3 months!