August 20, 2012#

The Shiralee

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as drawing, it’s music.  So you can imagine how excited I was when I was contacted by The Shiralee, an Australian Folk/Country Band, to design them some artwork for their posters and album cover.   I was even more pleased to find out Sarah and Jared have great style and play amazing music!.  You can check out the band here, and some of Jared’s beautiful songs on soundcloud.

Here’s the poster design and some close up shots.


Just in case you were wondering, a shiralee  is a kind of rolled pack often worn by Australian swagmen, that you can see Sarah holding in the portrait.  Check back for their album cover (and album!)  soon.

June 12, 2012#

Love Birds

One nice thing about not always working to a deadline is being able to start ideas and leave them to one side until a later date when there’s more time.  This illustration is one of those.


These little love birds will soon be making their way onto some new stationery designs in the shop.

June 2, 2012#


The latest edition to the children’s portraits, cute as a mouse.

If you’d like a portrait this style, you can find it in the shop here, or send me a message jodi@jodicherry.com

May 25, 2012#

Geometric Photographer

Here’s that sketch all coloured in and collaged up.

I think this could be a good excuse to start a series of collages to record things I’ve been doing.  It seems a lot more fun than keeping a diary anyway!

May 10, 2012#

Sneak Peek

I’ve been working on some new designs that will be in the shop soon.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of a new background design for a wedding portrait I’m working on.

April 19, 2012#

Old Photos

As much as I love and appreciate digital photography and being able to take hundreds of photos then choose the best, I’m also glad I grew up in a time with ‘proper’ photos.  I recently had a rifle through my parents old albums for some inspiration, although I already new which photo I was looking for.

Although I was too young to actually remember the moment, this photo has always stuck with me and is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.  If only we could always look cute with chubby cheeks and bed hair!

You can commission me to do a similar portrait from one of your photos – old or new.  Contact me at jodi@jodicherry.com or my Etsy shop

April 12, 2012#

It’s a buoy!

I love moving house (mainly because I get to decorate all over again!)  but there’s almost always something you’re sorry to leave behind.

James and Liz aren’t going far, but their new view won’t include the big red buoy that sits about a mile out to sea, that they occasionally paddle out to. Liz told me you can get 4 people sitting on it if you want! (although you have to be careful not to fall in because that far out to sea there are almost certainly sea monsters).

Now they have something special to remind them of their time in the old flat.

The buoy itself is a paper cutout, the reflection is watercolour painted on textured paper.  No seaside scene would be complete without a few seagulls which can be found in the background repeat.

Thanks Liz for such an interesting project!

If you have something special to you that you’d love as a little piece of art, let me know at jodi@jodicherry.com

April 4, 2012#

Happy Easter!



I’m planning to try not to eat too much chocolate this weekend and hoping that making some hot cross buns will distract me!

I’ve made a recipe card especially, which also doubles up as a great Easter card to help spread some Easter food love around.

Let me know if you’d like to print out this recipe card so you can make some yourself.  Better still, give one to family and friends for Easter so they can make them for you!

Just send me a message to jodi@jodicherry.com and I’ll send you a print ready pdf.

Happy Easter.

February 21, 2012#

Introducing Jimena and The Shark

Like many families, we always followed the tradition of naming the family car, (which although quite fun, does make it that bit more painful when you crash it into a Jaguar, R.I.P. Jeremy).

The Shark, a 23 year old Peugeot 405, was my boyfriend’s first car and his days are numbered.  It will no doubt be a very sad day when we finally take him to the scrapyard, (at least we’ll have the trusty Aubergine waiting for us in the garage when we get home).

Jimena is an old Vespa T5, who despite leaving us regular oil stains on the floor to remind us we really should  take better care of her, will hopefully be around for a bit longer.

I’ve created a collage of the two of them so we always have something special to remember them by and think of all the places they have taken us.

If you have a special vehicle that you would like turning into a lovely collage, you can buy a custom portrait in my Etsy shop, or send me a message to jodicherry@hotmail.com

February 16, 2012#

Wedding portraits

A short time ago, good friend and wedding photographer Stephen Rotondo and some of his clients, kindly let me loose on some of his lovely photos, from which I’ve created some portraits perfect for using as save the dates or wedding invitations.

Firstly there’s Luci and Chris, who got married back in 2010.  Stephen took some anniversary photos of them on a lovely summers walk  http://www.stephenrotondo.com/luci-chris/.  They told me they both love the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so I’ve taken a great kissing shot and transformed them into Audrey and George for a fun film themed save the date!

Next up is Emily and Elwyn who had a great engagement session at Belsize Village, London http://www.stephenrotondo.com/belsize-village-london/.  I used a lovely natural looking shot of them to create a simple save the date with a vintage feel using a fabric background.  This style would work really well using some special fabric from the couple, perhaps from bridesmaids dresses or venue decorations.

Katherine and Chris had some great shots done in the woods, (where I also spent some time growing up!) http://www.stephenrotondo.com/bluebell-wood-peterborough/ Inspired by some lovely bright colours and pretty trees, this portrait is nice and simple and could be used for save the dates, front of invitations, or any other wedding stationery!

And finally, Stephen himself got married last year to the lovely Mell.  Their portrait has a very illustrative look, as I have included a backdrop of many of their favourite things. (Designed from original photograph by Dean Govier)

If you’re interested in a custom portrait for yourself or your own event then head to my Etsy shop for more details, or get in touch with me at jodicherry@hotmail.com