January 31, 2012#

Meet Annie (and Boom-Boom-Bah)

When I saw Annie in this cute little bear jacket, I couldn’t resist creating a collage!

The Ikea trolley wasn’t so pretty though, so I replaced it with a nice looking high-chair (that conveniently looks a bit like A for Annie!). I also created a background wallpaper repeat with some  pretty looking A’s.

As a finishing touch, Annie is joined by trusted Boom-Boom-Bah (lovingly handmade my Mum, well done Mandy!)

Here’s the result

You can now find baby/ small child custom portraits in my Etsy shop!


January 9, 2012#

Custom Portraits on Etsy!

I have opened up shop over at Etsy!. http://www.etsy.com/shop/jodicherry

To begin with you can find custom collage portraits for the ones you love (furry variety included).

The collages include watercolour, fabric, paper and stitch.

From a good quality digital photograph of the couple (or single, or pet) , I will create a unique piece of artwork that can also be used for prints.

The background will include up to two different patterned or plain areas. The patterned area can be personalized, for example to include pins, snowflakes, bicycles etc…. You can send me any fabric or paper that you would like to include by post, to make it even more special and personal.