February 21, 2012#

Introducing Jimena and The Shark

Like many families, we always followed the tradition of naming the family car, (which although quite fun, does make it that bit more painful when you crash it into a Jaguar, R.I.P. Jeremy).

The Shark, a 23 year old Peugeot 405, was my boyfriend’s first car and his days are numbered.  It will no doubt be a very sad day when we finally take him to the scrapyard, (at least we’ll have the trusty Aubergine waiting for us in the garage when we get home).

Jimena is an old Vespa T5, who despite leaving us regular oil stains on the floor to remind us we really should  take better care of her, will hopefully be around for a bit longer.

I’ve created a collage of the two of them so we always have something special to remember them by and think of all the places they have taken us.

If you have a special vehicle that you would like turning into a lovely collage, you can buy a custom portrait in my Etsy shop, or send me a message to jodicherry@hotmail.com

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  1. Haha, love this one Jodi!

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