April 12, 2012#

It’s a buoy!

I love moving house (mainly because I get to decorate all over again!)  but there’s almost always something you’re sorry to leave behind.

James and Liz aren’t going far, but their new view won’t include the big red buoy that sits about a mile out to sea, that they occasionally paddle out to. Liz told me you can get 4 people sitting on it if you want! (although you have to be careful not to fall in because that far out to sea there are almost certainly sea monsters).

Now they have something special to remind them of their time in the old flat.

The buoy itself is a paper cutout, the reflection is watercolour painted on textured paper.  No seaside scene would be complete without a few seagulls which can be found in the background repeat.

Thanks Liz for such an interesting project!

If you have something special to you that you’d love as a little piece of art, let me know at jodi@jodicherry.com

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