August 18, 2012#

Portrait Collages – Close Up

I designed these two portraits a while ago now, but after a bit of a re-vamp and change in technique, I thought I’d post a few photos to show you how they look close up, and how they are made.



When creating a portrait, first I draw the subjects on heavy watercolour paper and paint any areas of skin or hair.  I then carefully select various pieces of fabric and paper from my ever growing collection, to be used for clothes and props.  I  carefully cut out the subjects by hand and sew some extra details using free hand machine embroidery.  The background design is printed onto paper and attached to the same heavy watercolour paper used for the portrait.  When all parts are assembled together, I sew a border around the edge of the background pattern to finish off the portrait collage.

This technique ads an interesting textured result, whilst maintaining the delicate  touch from the watercolour.

If you’re interested in commissioning a portrait you can contact me here or through the shop.


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