November 8, 2012#

Rubber Stamping

I love the speed and versatility of creating repeats and illustrations digitally and it’s truly amazing what can be done with computer programmes, but there’s a quality I really miss about hand drawn and printed patterns.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with screen printing in the past but as it’s not currently an option, (and results can be a bit too perfect!) I started to look alternative hand printing methods. Despite craft and art shops being full of rubber stamps and inks, I’ve found it’s surprising hard to get hold of quality materials to make these  stamps myself! Impatient to start, for now I’ve settled with attacking a not too crumbly rubber (eraser) I had lying around, and was actually quite pleased with the results. I also used a pretty low quality ink pad, but like the half tone dot effect it had, a bit like enlarging newspaper images. Definitely something I intend to explore a bit more!

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