March 15, 2013#

Dog Portraits

I love working on custom portraits, but this year I’ve been working hard on getting together a few ‘off the shelf’ collections.

First up are a collection of dog portraits.  They are available as print collages (print, fabric, stitch), double layer prints and flat prints, and in two different styles; character portraits and wallpaper portraits.

The wallpaper portraits are a similar style to some of my other portraits, with a pattern background featuring my own designs, a fabric floor, and a stitched border.

The character portraits include hand-drawn lettering, describing each of the breed’s best qualities and characteristics! When our terrier first arrived home, we fell in love with her playful, lovable character, and I was keen to know if they were are alike and what else to expect.  All dogs are of course unique, but there are definitely many typical things you can expect from each breed too!

To start with, you can find; a dalmatian, fox terrier, british bulldog and a couple of young boxers.  I’m hoping to add to the pack soon.

Here are some examples of what’s on offer

dalmatian print collage portrait-full

fox terrier print collage portrait

bulldog character portrait

boxers character portrait

dalmatian portrait

boxers portrait close-up

boxers portrait framed

You can find them for sale in my shop as A4 collages/prints now.  Greetings cards will also be available soon!


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