October 16, 2014#


I have really fallen in love with these cheese plants!  They have amazing leaves and are actually pretty easy not to kill.  Just in case, I decided to paint mine so I will always be able to enjoy it one way or another.

cheese plant

March 15, 2013#

Dog Portraits

I love working on custom portraits, but this year I’ve been working hard on getting together a few ‘off the shelf’ collections.

First up are a collection of dog portraits.  They are available as print collages (print, fabric, stitch), double layer prints and flat prints, and in two different styles; character portraits and wallpaper portraits.

The wallpaper portraits are a similar style to some of my other portraits, with a pattern background featuring my own designs, a fabric floor, and a stitched border.

The character portraits include hand-drawn lettering, describing each of the breed’s best qualities and characteristics! When our terrier first arrived home, we fell in love with her playful, lovable character, and I was keen to know if they were are alike and what else to expect.  All dogs are of course unique, but there are definitely many typical things you can expect from each breed too!

To start with, you can find; a dalmatian, fox terrier, british bulldog and a couple of young boxers.  I’m hoping to add to the pack soon.

Here are some examples of what’s on offer

dalmatian print collage portrait-full

fox terrier print collage portrait

bulldog character portrait

boxers character portrait

dalmatian portrait

boxers portrait close-up

boxers portrait framed

You can find them for sale in my shop as A4 collages/prints now.  Greetings cards will also be available soon!


December 8, 2012#

In the snow

It’s been a good few years since I’ve had a snowy Christmas, so I’ve really enjoyed looking out the window and seeing snow covered trees and birds hoping around in it.

I’ve designed a couple of Christmas Cards with that in mind.


You can buy them as a pdf file and print as many as you like here!

November 10, 2012#

Polaroid Portraits

One of the great things about custom portraits is that I get to draw all sorts of different people, but I can’t deny that working with a great photographer and very photogenic model makes my life much easier!

Thanks very much to Feli and Mery for lending me their talents for this one.

You can find these custom destination polaroid portraits (individual or couple) in the shop now.  Great for remembering a special trip or favourite place, they have the same proportions as a polaroid photo, including the space for writing your own personal message in the space below the picture.



Original photograph : Felipe Maqui – Descuadro Producciones

Model : Maria Puente Silva – Waste Disposal Unit Clothing

November 8, 2012#

Rubber Stamping

I love the speed and versatility of creating repeats and illustrations digitally and it’s truly amazing what can be done with computer programmes, but there’s a quality I really miss about hand drawn and printed patterns.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with screen printing in the past but as it’s not currently an option, (and results can be a bit too perfect!) I started to look alternative hand printing methods. Despite craft and art shops being full of rubber stamps and inks, I’ve found it’s surprising hard to get hold of quality materials to make these  stamps myself! Impatient to start, for now I’ve settled with attacking a not too crumbly rubber (eraser) I had lying around, and was actually quite pleased with the results. I also used a pretty low quality ink pad, but like the half tone dot effect it had, a bit like enlarging newspaper images. Definitely something I intend to explore a bit more!

October 30, 2012#

New surroundings

It’s been a while!  I’ve recently been moving around a bit and am settling into a new home for a few months in Frankfurt, Germany.  Perhaps not somewhere I’d ever have actively sort out to visit, but so far it’s been full of pleasant surprises and inspiration.  I’ve decided to make a weekly record of some of my favourite bits and  I’m starting with right here in the flat where I’m based most of the time. One thing I love about it are the windows; having window sills, being able to stick my head out and watch plenty of people going about their daily lives, being 3 stories up and having a big (maple?) tree right outside the window. Unfortunately there won’t be many leaves left for long, but it’s great watching the seasons change day by day and being surrounded by warm, cosy colours.

August 20, 2012#

The Shiralee

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as drawing, it’s music.  So you can imagine how excited I was when I was contacted by The Shiralee, an Australian Folk/Country Band, to design them some artwork for their posters and album cover.   I was even more pleased to find out Sarah and Jared have great style and play amazing music!.  You can check out the band here, and some of Jared’s beautiful songs on soundcloud.

Here’s the poster design and some close up shots.


Just in case you were wondering, a shiralee  is a kind of rolled pack often worn by Australian swagmen, that you can see Sarah holding in the portrait.  Check back for their album cover (and album!)  soon.

August 18, 2012#

Portrait Collages – Close Up

I designed these two portraits a while ago now, but after a bit of a re-vamp and change in technique, I thought I’d post a few photos to show you how they look close up, and how they are made.



When creating a portrait, first I draw the subjects on heavy watercolour paper and paint any areas of skin or hair.  I then carefully select various pieces of fabric and paper from my ever growing collection, to be used for clothes and props.  I  carefully cut out the subjects by hand and sew some extra details using free hand machine embroidery.  The background design is printed onto paper and attached to the same heavy watercolour paper used for the portrait.  When all parts are assembled together, I sew a border around the edge of the background pattern to finish off the portrait collage.

This technique ads an interesting textured result, whilst maintaining the delicate  touch from the watercolour.

If you’re interested in commissioning a portrait you can contact me here or through the shop.


July 14, 2012#

Love Birds

I’ve been working on some new invitation designs that will first be available as printable digital files.  Here is the first, a cute couple of love birds, making nest together!


You can find this invitation design in the shop now, and there will be some matching stationery and other invites soon!

July 2, 2012#

Happy Aniversario Rubi

My parents were fortunate enough to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend!  They were joined by new friends Steve and Ann, who just happened to have got married just 30mins after them on exactly the same day, exactly the same year!  It was a very jolly, multicultural affair, complete with Spanish tapas, English desserts and accidentally bilingual cake (decorated with Happy Anniversario Rubi).

As usual, I was on hand to design them some invitations for the special occasion, this time some pretty ruby red ones:

Invitations will soon be available for custom order in the shop.  In the meantime please get in touch with any queries or comments.